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Lyon Single Tier Lockers

Lyon Single Tier Lockers


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Lyon Single Tier Lockers are the most user preferred of all lockers. The single tier locker is large for maximum storage. Features a shelf placed 9" below the top of the locker for storage of hats, lunches, etc. This tall slender locker style accommodates full length clothing.

12" and 15" deep lockers feature a double pronged ceiling hook as well as three single prong hooks for hanging jackets etc.

Coat roads come standard with all 18" and 21" deep lockers in place of hooks.

Simple padlock attachment is an integral part of the handle. Padlocks are not included.

May be equipped with built in locks or padlocks. Please see the locker lock section of our catalog for our selection of high quality master lock locker locks.

Number plates are available please see below.

Ships knocked down for your convenience.

Sold by single or triple opening sections in a variety of sizes see above for pricing.

Heights shown do not include legs as shown. Please add six inches to locker height when including legs.

Please specify color when ordering. Colors other than stock colors are available at no additional charge if ordering over 50 openings. See chart to the above for all available colors.

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