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Locker Room Towels 36" x 68" - 100% Terry Cotton (Dozen)

Locker Room Towels 36" x 68" - 100% Terry Cotton (Dozen)


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When it comes to locker room towels we know what's important to you.  First is price because we all know these towels take a beating.  There's no sense in purchasing expensive towels for your facility.  Second thickness.  Thick plush towels like those we use in our home are very nice but for your facility they mean laundry that costs more to clean and weighs 3X as much.  These industry standard gym towels are what you need.  A large 36" x 68" size for full coverage.  They dry users quickly but don't cost a  fortune to launder. 


  • Soft & absorbent towel 
  • Make great locker room towel & shower towels 
  • Towels available in bulk. 
  • Size: 36” x 68”
  • Colors: white only
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