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Liflong Perfect Pitch Knee High Batting Tee

Liflong Perfect Pitch Knee High Batting Tee


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The Lifelong Perfect Pitch Knee High Batting Tee is designed to train batters to hit low balls.  Inside or outside low pitches are particularly difficult to hit properly because of the angle of the swing needed to make good contact.  This batting tee is the lowest on the market and is designed for this purpose.  The Knee High Tee is also great for use by tee ball players.  This tee also features a non-tippable design made with high quality materials that will last for years.

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  • Approximately 17" high
  • Non-tippable
  • Guaranteed for life (top portion)
  • Great for inside/outside low pitch
  • Great for tee-ballers
  • Lowest tee on the market
  • Weighs 19 lbs.
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