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Lacrosse LBS1030 Backstop Net 30'L X 10'H

Lacrosse LBS1030 Backstop Net 30'L X 10'H


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This Lacrosse LBS1030 Backstop Net measures 30' long x 10' high. The Free standing design features heavy duty polyethylene netting and is ideal for catching stray balls. No need for tie downs. The 2.5mm high extension net with 1.25" heavy duty steel upright poles are built to last. The backstop stands on its own with sturdy construction t-bar. 

Can be used as a barrier for other sports as well.


  • 30'L x 10'H
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene net
  • Steel 1.25"D upright poles for a reliable backstop
  • 2.5mm High extension lacrosse netting to catch stray balls during practice and drills
  • Sturdy T-Bar construction for backstop to stand on it's own
  • Can be used as a backstop or barrier for other sports
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