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Kennedy Industries Sport Hair & Body Cleanser (Case Of 4 Gallons)

Kennedy Industries Sport Hair & Body Cleanser (Case Of 4 Gallons)


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Athletes work hard to keep healthy. Strong bones, lean muscles, healthy lungs and robust heart are all at the top o every athletes list of things to work on constantly. Makes sense because once all of those things are prepared becoming the best at your sport will be much easier. Many times though the largest organ of the human body is neglected. What is this organ you ask? The liver? Nope. While the liver is the largest internal organ it is the largest "external" organ I'm talking about... the SKIN.

Your skin is your bodies first line of defense against infection and many times athletes work so hard to perfect their bodies that their skin takes a lot of abuse. The last thing an athlete needs is to use a soap or body wash that removes moisture and important oils from the skin.

Sport Hair and Body Free and Clear is a premium cleanser designed with athletes in mind. Sport is not a "soap" which can dry the skin (increasing the risk of skin problems). Rather, it is a pH balanced product that can be used not only on the body but also on the hair. Sport contains conditioners specifically developed for hair and body use and is quick sudsing and clean rinsing, leaving the skin and hair feeling smooth and clean.

Good hygiene is of utmost importance to those in demanding sports like wrestling and martial arts. And showering with a product that will keep your body clean and moisturized should be a big part of any athlete's hygiene protocol. Let Sport Hair and Body help you keep your skin and hair looking their best.

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