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Kennedy Industries Sole Mat & Accessories

Kennedy Industries Sole Mat & Accessories


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So before the match you spent time using KenClean Plus to clean your wrestling mat. That's great. You now have a pristine surface for your wrestlers. A surface free of debris, bacteria and viruses. The the match starts and the first two wrestlers that step on the mat will track all that dust, debris, bacteria and viruses back on the mat you just cleaned. It's not their fault. You can't make sure every surface they walk on before the mat is clean and disinfected.

You know what you can do? You can use the Kennedy Industries Sole Mat. Simply set up the sole mat near your wrestling mat and before anyone steps onto the mat have them use the sole mat. Simple, efficient may hygiene!

The Kennedy Industries Sole Mat is time tested and features durable construction! No plastic parts like cheaper imitations! Uses heavy duty rubber scrappers to clean shoe soles, not flimsy cloths. Every program will benefit from the sole mat.


  • Quickly & efficiently cleans shoe soles prior to stepping on the mat.
  • Improves overall mat hygiene!
  • May extend the life of your mats.
  • 3 year guarantee against manufacturer's defects.
  • The sole mat sits in a steel tray and comes with a 24" x 36" drying mat.
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