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Kennedy Industries KS Skin Creme (Case Of 12 Cans)

Kennedy Industries KS Skin Creme (Case Of 12 Cans)


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Contact sports like wrestling can be very competitive but what most athletes may not realize is while they're trying to pin the competition "evil" bacteria are trying to take hold of them!  These bacteria are on everything and having contact with the wrestling mat and other wrestlers will spread this bacteria easily.  Fear not!  KS Skin Creme is a super hero in a can, destroying pesky bacteria before it can cause an infection. 

So how does it work?  It's actually quite interesting.  The solution actually suspends contaminates.  Kind of like putting a bubble around that bacteria.  This is important because it does not effect the good bacteria that already exists on your body, instead it takes new bacteria that you come in contact with and stops it from making contact.

How do you apply KS Skin Creme?  It's recommended that you apply the product whenever you're going to hit the mat.  Practice and matches.  For wrestling apply from the waist up and the singlet down.  Sometimes using a two person buddy system works best to ensure complete coverage.  If you're competing in a tournament it should be applied before each match.

How long is KS Skin Creme effective for?  It can last quite a while offering great protection.  To be safest you should figure about 4 hours from application time.

How do you remove KS Skin Creme?  A good body cleanser will removes the product and all the little microscopic monsters it has encapsulated and stopped form making contact with you.

Kennedy Industries KS Skin Creme has been used for years with the safety of the athlete in mind.


  • Trusted by thousands of programs since 1993!
  • Non greasy & easy to apply.
    Will not harm the body's good bacteria
  • 18 ounce can - larger than the competition
    one can should last the wrestler the whole season
  • Produced with the safety of the athlete in mind
  • Non-slip formulation will not interfere with 
    the wrestler’s or his opponent’s ability to wrestle
  • One 18 ounce can should last a wrestler most of one season, using it daily at practices and matches.
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