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Kennedy Industries Double Wide Monster Mop Pad (Each)

Kennedy Industries Double Wide Monster Mop Pad (Each)


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The Monster Mop Double Wide Replacement Pad takes floor cleaning to a new level.   The Monster Mop has become a staple of athletic programs across the country.  It's large width makes it easy to quickly clean dust and dirt from your gym floor with very little effort.  Now you can buy this DOUBLE WIDE Monster Mop replacement pad to make the job even faster.  The mop pad can be used wet, dry or just damp making it extremely versatile.  If you love the monster mop you are going to love this addition to your floor cleaning arsenal.  Take the big job of keeping your floor clean and shrink it with this over sized Double Width Monster Mop Replacement Pad.

Don't have a Monster Mop yet?  What are you waiting for get your Monster Mop kit and cut your work load in half.  

How do you clean the pad?  The great part about Monster Mop Pads is they are machine washable.  Simply slip the dirty mop pad off of the mop and throw it into the washing machine.  It's that simple to revitalize your mop pad and start fresh.

How big is this replacement pad?  Glad you asked.  This Double Width Monster Mop Pad measures an astounding  74" Long x 12" wide so it covers a lot of ground quickly and the new double width of 12 inches will ensure everything gets picked up on the first pass.

So what are you waiting for.  If you already have the Monster Mop this Double Width pad is a perfect addition to your kit.  If you don't have one yet buy a kit today and buy one fo these replacement pads.

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