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Kennedy Industries Bucketless Mat Mop Complete (Set)

Kennedy Industries Bucketless Mat Mop Complete (Set)


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Traditional mop and bucket set ups worked for centuries with minor improvements.  How do you improve a mop and bucket for cleaning?  Kennedy Industries has figured several ways to improve on the traditional set up.  One of the best things they did was to remove the bucket from the kit completely.  Who needs a sloshing bucket of cleaning solution when you can load your bucketless mop with KenClean Plus and get your athletic surfaces sparkling clean.

They didn't stop there though.  The bucketless mop kit uses microfiber mop heads.  What's so great about that you ask.  Well Microfiber provides a non-abrasive surface that has lots of little nooks and crannies to catch and remove dirt and debris.  In fact microfiber mop heads are so awesome at cleaning your surfaces that each mop head included in the kit can be washed hundreds of times before needing replacement.

Another advantage of the this bucketless mop system over others is its durable construction.  Designed specifically for commercial applications like cleaning athletic surfaces this unit will last longer than the competitions.  

Get your kit today and make your life easier and your mats and floors cleaner.

You can't beat the Kennedy Industries Bucketless Mat Mop set when it comes to convenient cleaning. It's ready when you are.

  • Translucent 52 ounce tank, keeps solution level visible.
  • Push-button flow control, applies solution only when needed.
  • Anti-clogging filter for consistent solution delivery.
  • Ruggedly constructed - with a six-month guarantee on solution dispensing mechanism from date of purchase (against manufacturer's) defects and for use under normal conditions).
  • Uses microfiber technology mop heads that are non-abrasive and can stand up to hundreds of washings before needing replacement.

Comes complete with:

  • 1 Bucketless mop
  • 4 microfiber mop heads
  • 1 quart KENCLEAN PLUS
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