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Jugs Football Passing Machine

Jugs Football Passing Machine


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The Jugs Football Passing Machine throws perfect passes, punts and kickoffs to any precise spot on your field. Your players can practice catching perfect spirals or ever-over-end "kicks" at any speed or distance you choose from 5 yards to 80 yards.

The JUGS Football Machine can help you in these 4 areas:

  1. Running backs, tight ends, and wide receivers need constant practice catching the football. With JUGS, these players catch more passes in a week than they normally would in an entire season.
  2. Defensive backs and linebackers can be given practice on a variety of reaction and zone-coverage drills in a short period of time, without having to take your best quarterback away from where you really need him to be- with the offensive unit. A substitute player, or even team manager, can operate JUGS, thus freeing your coaching staff, quarterbacks and punters.
  3. On punt and kickoff-return team drills, you do not waste any time with JUGS doing the "kicking". High-lofting end-over-end "kicks" go exactly where you want them to- so your players learn their assignments quickly.
  4. Simply put JUGS on short legs, and your punter and field goal kicker can get hours of perfect snaps (short legs sold separately)
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