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Jaypro Tip & Roll Bleachers 250 Lbs

Jaypro Tip & Roll Bleachers 250 Lbs


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These Jaypro Tip & Roll Bleachers feature all aluminum seat planks and understructure provide a lightweight, stable bleacher that is tipped for easy mobility. These bleachers are great for any event in a shared space where bleachers can't be down all the time like in a gym or on a stage.


  • 15' seat planks are 10" wide non skid aluminum
  • 30 Seat capacity
  • Planks are supported by a strong, aluminum understructure
  • Transition foot prevents floor marking. Includes four 4" non-marring swivel casters.
  • Powder coat your bleacher for a custom look! Match your school colors! When ordering, please specify colors for planks and understructure and allow up to five weeks for delivery.
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