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Jaypro Nova Premier Goal Package (Black/White)

Jaypro Nova Premier Goal Package (Black/White)


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Jaypro NOVA Premier Goal Package (Black/White) this package includes everything you need. No need to purchase a wheel kit, nets, or anchors- They are INCLUDED!


2 NOVA Premier Goals (MA30510)
  • NCAA, FIFA and NFHS compliant
  • Official size and powder coated
  • International style all aluminum goal
  • 4" OD extruded aluminum with a 2" x 4" base frame
  • 1.7" OD aluminum European and auxiliary backstays
  • Stainless steel hardware included
  • Dimensions: 24'W x 8'H x 4'B x 10'D
  • 446 LBS per Pair

(2) 5mm, 5 1/2" hex mesh two-tone black/white nets
8 World cup Anchors- 2 Sets
1 NOVA Goal Wheel Kit (for 2 goals)

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