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Jaypro Max-1 All Aluminum Football Goal Posts Accessories

Jaypro Max-1 All Aluminum Football Goal Posts Accessories


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Jaypro Max-1 All Aluminum Football Goal Posts accessories are available to fit your customized installation.

MA24785- MA24787 soccer/football anchor kits fasten the rear crossbar of the soccer goal to the football goal gooseneck. Pick the size your need.

MA24788 Standard ground sleeves are availalble for a standard installation.

MA24789 Ground Sleeves with height adjuster. Get the perfect alignment with a simple tweek rather than starting from scratch.

MA24790 Football Hinge Kit: Ideal for multi-purpose facilities, the hinge kit allows any surface mounted Max-1 goal to be lowered and dismantled from ground level by a maintenance crew. Opposing pull pins offer easy separation of the hinge plates. The welded shackle bracket on the Max-1 gooseneck offers an attachment point for a cable or hoist. Requires the M24792 Access frame kit.

MA24791 and MA24792 Access frame covers: For use with semi-permanent goals requiring removal. Can be used on grass or turf fields. Turf cover hides anchoring hardware while allowing access when required. Constructed of aluminum, pressure treated plywood and artificial turf. Includes two frames and four turf covered plates; two split panels for use with goal post and two full panels for when goal post is removed. Available in two sizes (larger size used with goal post hinge kit)

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