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Jaypro Classic Club Round Soccer Goals (Pair)

Jaypro Classic Club Round Soccer Goals (Pair)


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Running a soccer club or program can be stressful. Between getting volunteers and organizing everything and everyone involved there is more than enough to keep you busy. The last thing you need to worry about is soccer goals that don't function properly or meet regulations. That in itself can be a problem though right? Quality soccer goals are really expensive and you probably won't be able to afford anything that meets the quality you would really like to have. WRONG! The Jaypro Classic Club Round faced soccer goals are everything you want and more. These goals are powder coated and come complete with EasyTrack net attachment system, net clips, nets and even sand bags for counter balance as required.

These Jaypro Classic Club Round Soccer Goals are sold in pairs at an affordable price. They are built with 3” all-aluminum round front frames that are rugged and lightweight, and 2” galvanized steel backstays that provide excellent counterweight and stability.

These incredible goals even feature Jaypro’s EasyTrack net attachment system which uses durable plastic clips that fit perfectly into the net track to prevent the net from slipping. The clips fit securely and flush into the Easy Track so there are no protruding clips to hit or dislodge aluminum uprights.


  • 2 powder coated and natural finish portable goals
  • Jaypro Sports flush mount Easy Track net attachment system
  • 2″ OD galvanized steel rear ground crossbar included on the three largest sizes offered
  • 3″ OD extruded aluminum front frame with 2″ OD galvanized steel backstays
  • (2) 4″ sq mesh white nets
  • Optional NOVA Wheel Kit (CSGWK) sold separately
  • Easy Track net clips and sandbags included

Choose from 6 sizes perfect for all levels of play. Optional wheel kit is sold separately, SEE ACCESSORIES.

Available sizes:

Morley # Age Group Dimensions Weight
MA31497 U12-U13 8'H X 24'W X 4'B X 9'D 395 LBS
MA31498 U11-U12 7'H X 21'W X 3'B X 8'D 345 LBS
MA31525 U9-U11 6.5'H X 18.5W X 2'B X 6'D 299 LBS
MA31536 U8-U9 6.5'H X 12'W X 2'B X 6'D 188 LBS
MA31527 U6-U8 4.5'H X 9'W X 2'B X 5'D 157 LBS
MA31538 U6 4'H X 6'W X 2'B X 5'D 145 LBS
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