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International Hurdles & Accessories

International Hurdles & Accessories


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UCS International Hurdles are the strongest hurdle in the world for the money! Now certified by the IAAF! Available in two styles, fixed weight for high school or with a weight selector for NCAA and international competitions.


M16559 UCS International High School Fixed Weight Hurdle: just right for your high school. The m16559 have a fixed weight position that is legal at all high school heights without moving the weights.

M16561 & M16562 International NCAA and IAAF hurdle with weight selector: this IAAF certified hurdle also meets NCAA rules. A great hurdle for all levels of competition.

Specifications and features for all international hurdles:

Tubing: 1 1/2" Zeenel rust-resistant upright tube. 2" x 2" Zeenel, rust-resistant base tube. 1 5/8" aluminum, telescopic tube. Powder coating: each hurdle is electrostatically powder-coated. Patented Zytel board holder: exclusive UCS design allows the hurdle board to be located at the extreme end of the base. The result – easy and perfect placement of hurdles on the track. 10 year guarantee! Patent number: 6,063,005

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