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In-Ground Grand Slam Baseball Fencing

In-Ground Grand Slam Baseball Fencing


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The best solution for your baseball field fencing needs! Traditional In-Ground Grand Slam Fencing™- The Natural Turf Solution for Outfields.


  • Durable yet soft, and easy-to-handle
  • Quick and easy to set up and take down
  • Red, blue or green, all with yellow home run marker
  • Standard: poles (10') Optional: pole (5') reduces sagging
  • Available in 4' High and 5 different lengths: 300'HR (471'L), 200' HR (314'L), 150'L, 100' L, 50'L
  • Low Cost
  • Requires minimum storage space
  • Creates an enclosed ball field with HR marker
  • * You will need to purchase foul poles and sockets separately for each kit except the premium one piece kits*

In-Ground Grand Slam Fencing™ IS EASY TO SET UP AND TAKE DOWN



  • Gives the outfield that finish look
  • Fits all portable or temporay fences
  • Two 8' Yellow foam foul poles
  • Two PVC yellow foam foul poles
  • Two PVC reinforcing foul poles (attach to fence end poles)
  • Two ground sockets
  • Six 19" yellow tie wraps for attachment


  1. Insert poles through 3 loops woven into fence fabric
  2. Attach fence fabric to top cap with easy open/close latch
  3. Mark and drill holes for poles with 18" auger (included)
  4. Place poles and sockets in holes, Fence is ready to use!
  5. When you take down fence, roll up with poles in place. Take Minutes!

2 Year Warranty

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