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Hardwood Climbing Peg Board & Mounting Brackets - USA Made

Hardwood Climbing Peg Board & Mounting Brackets - USA Made


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This is a Hard Wood- Made in the USA Climbing Peg Board- made for gyms and institutional facilities.

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The climbing peg board we purchased is in use and challenging anyone who attempts to climb it. The quality and appearance are excellent, it is everything we had hoped it would be for our gym.

Thank you,

Joyce Sauer
Rapid Valley Volunteer Fire Department
Rapid City, SD

Our Climbing Peg Boards will give you a high quality/ RELIABLE- climbing apparatus that garners- FEAR, STRENGTH, and RESPECT! Be an honorable champion and face the challenge the board offers.

Our Climbing Peg boards come in different sizes for variety of groupings.

PLEASE NOTE: Boards and mounting kits are sold separately. We have decided to sell them this way to offer more choice to customers.

They are Made of THICK 1 1/2" kiln dried hardwood with a smooth triple varnished finish. All boards feature precision drilled holes for smooth use. These boards are in use in over 10,000 schools throughout the United States. They have been for sale since 1961 so rest assured they are the most popular climbing peg boards available.

These kiln dried board will not warp or crack. They are hand made by real craftsmen who have generations of experience. The reliability is in the quality construction. It brings to mind the phrase: "You get what you pay for!" Don't be fooled by a fancy name and a weak pine construction.

All boards ship with 2 pegs, mounting kits are sold separately

Additional Product Information

Peg boards can be found in most public school gymnasiums across the country and for good reasons. Wrestlers have used them to build explosive upper body strength for years.

Peg board training has been used for decades to increase upper body strength. Similar to using a CHINNING BAR, peg board training uses the climbers own body weight as resistance.

Peg boards are constructed of hardwood materials with holes drilled in them in differing patterns. You can get a good workout by using 1 six foot tall climbing peg board.

Some climbers combine several peg boards to simulate a rock climbing situation. By using a 6’ tall peg board in a horizontal manner you can now climb in a transverse (side to side) motion.

Our peg boards come complete with mounting hardware and are Made in the USA for optimal durability. These are the climbing peg boards in use at thousands of schools across the country so you know they are top quality.


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