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Gymguard Gym Carpet Tiles

Gymguard Gym Carpet Tiles


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Gym floor tiles can be used during non-sporting events to cover and protect the surface of your gymnasium floor from damage.

  • Easy to lay down, remove and store
  • Will not wrinkle, ripple or slide, eliminating tripping hazards (no tape required)
  • Various color options help create an attractive space for events
  • Backing will not mark basketball court flooring
  • Simple to clean with easy drying capabilities
  • Safe, lay flat and do not slide (no tape required)
  • Easy to clean and will dry easily
  • Easy to install, remove and store (cart available)
  • Backing will not mark floors
  • Material:Polypropylene with polyolefin plus backing
  • Tile Size: 39.375" x 78.75" x 6mm
  • Tile Weight: 91.4 oz./sq.yd.
  • Slip Resistance: 54 wet and .61 dry (ASTM C1028)
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