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Fury Select Portable Basketball System- Easy Rim Height Adjustment

Fury Select Portable Basketball System- Easy Rim Height Adjustment


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The Fury Select portable basketball system features a 4' offset when the rim is at 10' height. This unit is very popular in facilities nation wide because of it's simple rim height adjustment that quickly and easily adjusts with a simple hand cranke back of the unit. Another top feature is that this model, unlike many competitors, features a full 3/8" thick acrylic backboard. Most competing systems only offer a 1/2" and yes there is a big difference inquality. Made in the USA!!

The Fury Portable Basketball Goal is designed to withstand the demands of adult recreation centers while providing the flexibility necessary for many churches and elementary grade levels.

The Fury portable basketball hoop is infinitely adjustable. Simply turn the adjustment crank handle behind the unit to lower the rim height anywhere from 10' down to 6'6". The Fury portable basketball hoops exclusive crank adjustment design is vastly superior in overall rigidity compared to similar portable basketball backboards using inferior "spring-slide" methods.


Fury basketball equipment is engineered to be extremely easy to move. One person can transport the goal by flipping the lower pad forward and rolling into position. Return pad to upright position to lock base in place for play. The extension arm can be dropped without tools to allow the Fury to pass under doorways.


The backboard to base extension is 48" with the rim at regular height. This allows the Fury to sit "off-court" for player safety. Heavy padding, available in several colors, protects the player form contact with the base unit.


Floor load on the wheels is:


  • Rolling - 180 psi
  • Stationary = 140 psi


A variety of acrylic basketball backboards are available on the Fury. Each package includes a high quality flex goal with net. Let the Fury help you make the most out of your facility and your budget.


Every Fury Portable Basketball Goal package comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


  • Fury Portable Base Unit
  • FT83 Base Padding (Any Color)
  • FT220 36" x 60" Acrylic Backboard
  • FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Approx. Shipping Weight: 505 lbs.

Full Written Specs Below:

1. ANGULAR UPRIGHT AND EXTENSION ARM – The main angular upright shall be constructed of 4”x4” x 11 gauge steel tubing. A zinc plated telescoping member shall be constructed of 3”x3” x 11 gauge steel tubing. The horizontal extension arm shall be made of the 2”x3”x 11 gauge material. The angular upright and extension arm shall be designed to allow for a minimum of 48” setback from backboard to base with rim adjusted to 10’. Units with less than 48” setback are not considered equal. Extension arm design shall provide for the direct rim mounting of the rim to the extension eliminating backboard stress when rim is contacted. Two tubular braces shall further support the upper corners of the backboard. Horizontal extension arm shall be collapsible to allow unit to pass under/through any standard height double doors.

2. BASE CONSTRUCTION – The base is all steel construction comprised primarily of 3/16” and 11 gauge formed steel. The front of the base shall measure 32” across for maximum stability during play. The ballast area (ballast not included) shall be designed to accept (18) 4”x 8”x 16” solid cement blocks each weighing 30 lbs. (540 lbs. total). The unit shall ride on six 4” non-marking wheels for easy “one person” portability. The front two wheels shall be lowered to the floor by pivoting the front pad forward for easy one person positioning. After unit is in position for play the front pad may be returned to upright position to retract the front wheels up into base unit. Front foot pads hold the unit in place for play.

3. ADJUSTMENT – The unit shall operate via “EZ-Crank.” Rim height adjustment is accomplished via a “worm-gear” box mounted on the backside of the angular upright. Gear box engages a toothed rack welded along the backside of the inner telescoping member, making the unit infinitely adjustable. The unit is adjustable from standard 10’ height down to 6’6” just by turning the hand crank. The EZ-Crank is operated easily by one person. Units that employ “spring-slide” adjustment methods are not considered equal.

4. BASE & UPRIGHT PADDING – Unit shall be equipped with standard 2” thick foam padding. Padding shall be secured to unit via velcro attachment. Padding need not be removed during adjustment, transportation or storage. Colors are available.

5. FINISH – Powder coat black finish shall be applied to all surfaces. Inner telescoping member shall be zinc plated silver.

6. BACKBOARD – Constructed of 1/2” thick acrylic with bright white screening. The framework shall be constructed from clear anodized aluminum “L” type extrusions. Overall backboard size shall be approximately 60” wide and 36” high.

7. RIM - Flexible type so as to absorb the stress of player contact. The rim shall be of institutional quality with an official 5/8” diameter ring. Ring opening diameter shall be the standard 18” I.D. Rim shall have an orange powder coated finish. Heavy-duty nylon net shall be provided.

8. WARRANTY - Complete unit carries a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Entire system weight shall be approximately 505#.

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