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Flat Carpet Bonded Foam Flooring Rolls

Flat Carpet Bonded Foam Flooring Rolls


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Carpet Bonded Foam-Flat Roll is great for quick and easy set up and storage during any practice or event in your gym. Uses simple Velcro to keep rolls together once they are rolled out. Rolls measure 42' long x 6' wide. Purchase 7 rolls to make a 42' x 42' square floor area. We have standard Polyethylene, and EVA options. All standard rolls are 42′ x 6′. Standard PE rolls are available in 1-3/8” and 2″ thicknesses. EVA backed rolls are available in 1-1/2″ and 2″ thicknesses. Each order includes matching Velcro strips to secure its placement. The standard velcro rolls are 42′ x 4″. You will receive one less roll of velcro than the number of carpet bonded foam rolls.

Product Overview
  • Flexible design for easy handling
  • Available in individual rolls or as a complete floor system
  • Recommended use for Stratum® Spring Deck, not intended for rod floor systems
  • Carpet Bonded Foam for competition floor and tumbling strips are available in blue, red, black, purple, teal, pink, charcoal and light gray specify when ordering

Note: Foam may expand or contract based on environmental conditions.
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