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First Team Volleyball Post/Floor Socket Reducer

First Team Volleyball Post/Floor Socket Reducer


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The First Team volleyball post reducer is for any team that has existing 3" floor sockets that are also looking for a First Team volleyball system. Since most of the First Team volleyball system posts are 3.5" in diameter, this post reducer will allow you to use a First Team system with your existing 3" floor socket. This reducer is installed at the factory due to the nature of how it is installed on a system's posts. They first have to cut the volleyball pole, then they have to drill into the pole, then they must line up and install the reducer into the existing pole, which would then be bolted into place.

Also available are two different size floor socket reducers. One allows you to fit a 3.5" pole into a 4"ground socket (MA50059), and the other allows you to fit a 3" pole into a 3.5" ground socket (MA50060). These are also installed at the factory because they change the size of the volleyball system's pole in a similar fashion to the volleyball post reducer.

Feel free to contact us by calling 1-800-811-1931 to discuss your needs.

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