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Finis Shooter Monofin

Finis Shooter Monofin


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This Monofin is great for developing a Rapid Butterfly Kick while building core strength.  The short and stiff fiberglass blade allows you to simulate race pace with a quick and powerful butterfly kick.  The shooter is great for working core muscles including abs, lower back, quads and gluts.  It is ideal for butterfly training to maintain a strong, composed stroke.  The shooter is also great for developing a powerful dolphin kick that is generated from the hips.  20" x 18" fiberglass blade.


Medium shoe size (6.5- 8 Mens, 7.5-9 Womens)
Large shoe size (8.5- 10 Mens, 9.5-11 Womens)
X-Large shoe size (10.5- 12 Mens, 11.5-13 Womens)
XX-Large shoe size (12.5- 16 Mens, 13.5-17 Womens)

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