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Directional Flags With Posts ( TOP RATED )

Directional Flags With Posts ( TOP RATED )


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Not all directional posts and flags are made equal.  These are the best directional flags with posts for your cross country course or event. Posts are made of durable steel.  The top end allows for our flags to slide right over the top for secure a fit that doesn't require tying tiny strings or permanently attaching flags to posts with cumbersome knots.  Flags are made of high quality nylon and feature a sewn sleeve on one side that simply slides over posts.

Our posts feature a concave bottom that allows them to be easily inserted into the ground.  This design also allows caked dirt to be easily cleaned off as it will not be inside of a hollow tube like our competitors posts.  Steel posts are 3/4" diameter for durability and are a full 80.5" tall for easy visibility over crowds or along trails. 

This set of 9 posts and 9 flags weighs only 16 lbs.


  • 3 – Red flags
  • 3 – Yellow flags
  • 3 – Blue flags
  • 9 - Steel 80.5" Tall Posts
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