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The Deluxe Lightening Detector can help protect your students or athletes from the chance of being struck by lighting from up to 40 miles away.  Lets you know if it is safe for outdoor sports or recess with pin point accuracy.


  • Detects storms within 40 miles
  • Easily tell if the storm is moving towards, away or parallel to your location
  • Identifies severe thunderstorms as well as storms that can produce dangerous winds, heavy rains or tornadoes
  • Starts detecting thunderstorms up to 70 miles away, registers activity at 40 miles
  • Used by little league teams, golf courses and recreational districts across the country
  • Case is rugged, weather resistant plastic
  • Hand held or table mountable with optional wall mount accessory available via phone
  • Ranges: 0 - 3 miles, 3 - 8 miles, 8 - 20 miles, and 20 - 40 miles
  • Power source is 2 "9v" batteries (not included)
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