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Cramer 061900 Foam Cast Cover Kit

Cramer 061900 Foam Cast Cover Kit


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This Cramer 061900 Foam Cast Cover Kit is made of high- density, 1/2" closed- cell polyurethane foam conforms to National Federation of State High School Association's Football Rule 1-5-3c, concerning "hard substances worn on the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow."  cut to fit any size.  Two 1/2" x 12" x 18" sheets.

No two casts are the same.  Don't buy a one size model that won't fit your cast.  The Cramer 061900 Foam Cast Cover Kit can be cut to size to fit any cast perfectly to keep the bulk down and your mind on the game.

Compared to competitors products that cost over $50 EACH the Cramer 061900 foam cast cover is a great bargain.  If one sheet is damaged in use you will have another to replace it.  Buy more than one kit and you will be prepared on game day until the cast comes off!

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