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Competition Rope 1-1/2" Diameter

Competition Rope 1-1/2" Diameter


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Tug-of-War can become a heated exchange between two groups of muscle bound, rope pulling, athletes.  When you want to take your Tug-O-War game to the next level you need one of these competition ropes.

The first difference between these and the standard models are the rope diameter.  Just like the standard models competition ropes feature a 3 strand twisted design fro durability but using a thicker rope to begin with makes these competition ropes a finished diameter of 1.5"  That's 50% thicker than traditional ropes.  This thicker diameter offers larger athletes a better grip.

Another difference is how the ropes are finished.  Standard tug-of-war ropes have an anchor loop or hand loop woven at the ends.  These competition ropes are a bit different.  These ropes have poly boot finished ends.  NO LOOPS!  That way no one can put their biggest athlete at the end to dig his heels into the ground.  It will be an absolutely fair fight with these competition tug-o-war ropes.  (If you must have an anchor at the end you can tie a knot into the rope on site.)

We offer the competition tug-of-war ropes in two materials, Natural Manila or UnManila (PolyPro).  Natural manila has a bit of a better grip because it absorbs moisture easier while the unmanila material resists moisture making it a good choice fi the rope will be used in wet conditions or stored in damp areas.
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