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Colossal Folding Ball Cart

Colossal Folding Ball Cart


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The Colossal Folding Ball Cart is the ultimate coaches companion. This cart is big holding up to 40 volleyballs...40!! That's enough for any drills you can think of. The added convenience of side pockets for small items like pocket pumps, rotation locators and precise height net checkers make the cart that much better. So buy a cart, buy some accessories, add your volleyballs and you're ready to be #1 Coach of the year.


  • The ultimate coaches’ companion
  • Oversized to accommodate up to 40 balls
  • Rugged black nylon basket includes side pockets for convenient storage area of all your practice essentials, including notebook, water bottle, and cell phone
  • Run your practice or pre-game warm-up more efficiently with the colossal cart!
  • Size: 42.5” l, 32” w, 38” h.
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