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Coaching Command Tower - Assembles With Out Tools

Coaching Command Tower - Assembles With Out Tools


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If you've been looking for an affordable, portable coaching tower look no further.  You have found the easiest tower on the market.  The Coaching Command Tower features a full 6.5' height off of the ground allowing coaches to oversee the entire practice.  The platform is a generous 4' x 8' size allowing for plenty of room up top.  This size space is safe and allows lots of room for a tripod and coaches.

The most unique thing about this tower is that it is completely snap together!  No tools needed for assembly.  You can break this tower down for storage very easily and then reassemble on the field of your choice when needed.  This is the easiest tower to transport and the tower that takes up the least storage space.

The Command Tower has a foot print of 12.5' wide x 6.5' high.  Features a 400 lb recommended weight capacity.

Coaching towers allow you to see the field and have a view point that shows you much more than being on the same level as your players.  It also allows you to video tape the field from a good angle for reviewing the action and critiquing players.  This video angle will allow players to see how things look from above giving them a much better view than they have on the field for reviewing how plays are run.

Once you use a coaching tower you will wonder how you ever lived without it.  Coaching towers are an often overlooked training tool.  Perhaps the most important training tool there is.
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