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Cliff Keen Tornado Wrestling Head Guard Adult

Cliff Keen Tornado Wrestling Head Guard Adult


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If a scientist can build a better rocket then they can definitely help build better wrestling head gear.  The tornado head guard is a revolutionary design based on NASA research and created by the most trusted name in wrestling.

Mat tested by some of the best wrestlers on the planet. 

It's 43% lighter, remarkably cooler, provides better hearing and fits faster and tighter than traditional head guards.  Power tab strapping system combats bacterial build up.  Made form the strongest components available in a head guard the tornado will blow you away.  For available colors please click on the picture to the right.

Colors: Black/Orange/Black, Translucent/Scarlet/Scarlet, Navy/Navy/Navy, Translucent/Maroon/Maroon, Black/Black/Black, Black/Scarlet/Black, Navy/Gold/Navy, Black/Gold/Black, Black/Royal/Black, Translucent/Scarlet/Black, Royal/White/Royal, Black/Vegas Gold/Black, Royal/Royal/Royal, Black/White/Black, Translucent/Dark Green/Dark Green, Black/Dark Green/Black, Dark Green/Dark Green/Dark Green, Scarlet/Scarlet/Scarlet, Maroon/Maroon/Maroon, Translucent/Black/Black, Translucent/Royal/Royal, Translucent/Navy/Navy, Translucent/White/White

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