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Cliff Keen Fusion 3-Stap Headgear

Cliff Keen Fusion 3-Stap Headgear


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Discover the feel and protection of the Fusion Headgear™ from Cliff Keen!  It fuses all the best design features into one head guard.  This head guard uses Cliff Keens' Best selling revolutionary foam ear guard design that it patented in 1958!  The closed cell FOAM is comfortably soft yet doesn't lack in protection.  Long lasting super-light inner shell made from the futuristic materials that bend light and time... that will last way into the future.  

The Fusion Headgear™ adjusts properly and snuggly in seconds with the “On-The-Fly” Strapping System™.  Your ears will love this headguards soft supple material gently cuping your ears and protecting them, all while keeping that sleek design.

Clean up is a breeze just use anti-bacterial wipes or soap and water.

Ones size fits all- can even be adjusted to fit youth wrestlers.  Includes chin strap pad.

This is wrestling headgear you are going to want to try.
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