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Champion Sports Referee Jumbo Wrist Stopwatch

Champion Sports Referee Jumbo Wrist Stopwatch


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If you are looking for a big digit stopwatch that you can wear on your wrist this is the one to buy! Giant easy to read swivel face great for football, soccer, wrestling, basketball, lacrosse, or any game timing.

This watch is packed with features, maybe that is why it's so big!  Let's see if we can list them.

- Daily Alarm- great for taking your meds!
- Hourly Chime- great to let you know when your show is about to start.
- Back lighting with delay- great so you can see the watch in the dark.
- Digits 1/2" High x 1/4" Wide making them HUGE!  Very easy to see!
- Wrist lanyard- so you you don't lose it!
-  Clipboard clip so you can attach the timer to a clipboard, belt or clothing.
- Water Resistant- You Know... because of RAIN.

More of the technical features for the nerds:

  • Stop watch 1/100 second precision
  • Maximum count up 9 hrs, 59 mins, 59 sec
  • Count down Timer (max 23 hrs, 59 min, 59 secs Time 12/24 hr format
  • 3 styles: Count down & repeat count down from pre-set
  • Count down then up from zero
  • Count down and stop at zero
  • Battery 386
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