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Champion .209 Cal Starter Pistol

Champion .209 Cal Starter Pistol


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This is a professional series starter pistol and meets all track and swimming specifications.  Features full size frame, blued finish, wood grips and 8 shot swing out cylinder.  Fires .209 caliber shotgun primers as blanks.  Shotgun primers are readily available and very inexpensive in comparison to other blanks.  Shot gun primers do not produce a large smoke plume like black powder blanks. *Please note this model gun has a free spinning cylinder and needs to be checked to alignment prior to firing.  The Champion .209 cal is also known as a starting pistol, starting gun or blank gun.  It is perfect for track and field practice or events when smoke is not needed, dog training and active shooter training. The .209 primer is loud enough for use with all electronic starting systems.

To ensure years of service from your starting gun you should clean it regularly to remove build up and keep it functioning properly.  

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