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Challenge Europa Soccer Ball - Free Custom Logo

Challenge Europa Soccer Ball - Free Custom Logo


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Europa Soccer ball is a top of the line collegiate match ball with awesome touch and feel.  See additional product information about free custom logos below.

  • Guarantee: 3 Years
  • Custom Logo Available- Minimum quantity for Custom Logo is 15 Balls per size
  • Outer Casing Material: Japanese Cordley 1.6mm non-woven shiny
  • Back Material: 4 layers polyester
  • Stitching: Hand-sewn with pre-stretched, high-tensile polyester thread
  • Bladder: Butyl- for improved air retention
  • NFHS Approved logo


Grass- Optimal- This ball was designed for grass fields.

Turf- Very Good- More wear and tear will be visible and the "Turf fill" will mark the material. Wash with a soft sponge, light soap and cold water, most markings will come off.

Indoor- Good- Dasher boards have a tendency to mark and "Cut" all ball materials

FREE Custom Logo Program

1. There is no extra charge for custom logo balls
2. Your logo is printed on the ball
3. Available on all CHALLENGE Balls
4. Minimum of 15 balls required, 25 for Skill Balls & 50 for Mini balls
5. You may mix and match models to reach the minimum, e.g., 12 practice plus 3 game balls. You may NOT mix Panel Configuration, Size, Logo or Logo Color
6. Printing in 1, 2, 3 or 4 colors on a white or colored background
7. Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery from receipt of your artwork. At the time of order we will quote a realistic delivery date. Please Order Early

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