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CH Anchors Starter System & Accessories

CH Anchors Starter System & Accessories


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The CH Base Anchor System will help you install your anchors in less time and without digging holes or pouring concrete. Allows you to change base lengths in minutes for multiple game use fields. Eliminates the need for concrete and makes anchors easy to install and remove with a driver. Available in heavy-duty powder-coated steel in 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch or standard galvanized 14 gauge steel in 1 1/2 inch only.

Available in 3 starter sets for your existing base styles.  Each starter set comes complete with the driver and 3 anchors. 

The CH System allows you to install a base anchor in about 5 minutes.  You NO longer have to pour CONCRETE, dig a hole and hope that nothing happens to it (like erosion, freezing & thawing, and worst of all hitting it with an implement) that causes you to do it all over again.  If this happens to CH Anchors, it takes only a few minutes with the CH Driver to reposition and you’re back playing ball.

CH Anchors are made out of heavy duty steel, and weigh 5 lbs each.  CH Anchors on average will last 5-10 times longer than the traditional anchors.  THE CH BASE ANCHOR AND DRIVER SYSTEM IS BUILT TO LAST FOR MANY YEARS OF HARD USE.

Time saved alone using the CH System is enough to outweigh the cost of doing it the concrete way -- TIME IS MONEY!  Additionally, when you consider the life expectancy of the CH Anchor is 5-10 times longer, the decision is much easier.  Also, remember that once you have the CH Driver you don’t need to purchase another one because you can use it over and over.  All you need to do after the first CH Driver purchase is purchase additional CH Anchors.

CH Anchors are designed to fit Hollywood (1 1/2 inch) and Bolco (1 inch) standard bases.  CH just came up with a great time and money saver for installing anchors.  CH hasn’t changed anything else, so if you are using 1 1/2 inch or 1 inch standards, CH Anchors will work. 

CH 15/18 Dual Base Anchor

The new CH 15/18 Dual Base Anchor solves the anchor location challenge that the new 18-inch base has created. The MLB and minor leagues have started their second year using the 18-inch base, and it looks like it will continue to be used going forward. This means that the colleges/universities will probably follow suit within the next year or so and then the high schools and park & rec departments soon after that. So, if you think that this is coming to your ballfield in the future, this new anchor will help you be
ready for that change and still allow you to use the old 15-inch bases when needed.
This new anchor is ideal for new ballfields so you won’t have to make changes going forward. You will be all set and ready for the future in advance.

If you are already using our CH Standard anchor then all you will need to do is buy another CH Standard anchor and drive it in at the corner of the one that is already in the ground. This will not work if your anchors are in concrete. The new anchor will hit the concrete and stop the installation. Concreted anchors will have to be pulled out.
If you are using our CH heavy duty anchors (RED) you could also buy a CH Standard duty anchor and drive it in at the corner of the HD anchor that is in the ground already. Keep in mind that the CH heavy duty anchor is larger on the outside dimension and this will hold the new anchor that is being driven in the ground a little further away from the foul line. This will push the new 18-inch base a little further away from the foul line than you might like. We recommend that you pull the CH heavy duty anchor out and then install the new CH 15/18 Dual Base Anchor. Two CH heavy duty anchors next to each other at
the corners is not recommended as it is too far off and not an accurate installation.


As with all of the CH Base Anchors the CH Driver tool works with driving the new CH 12/15 Dual Anchor into the ground with ease. Even the CH Driver tool that you may have bought way back in 1995 will work. The new CH 15/18 Dual anchor is Hollywood (1 1/2inch) style industry standard compatible. Watch the demo video at As always with the CH Anchor line there is no digging or concrete needed, and the CH anchors drive in the ground within minutes using the CH Driver Tool.

FYI: Very important: The base anchor at 2 nd base is already in the correct position and does not need to be removed or adjusted with when using the new 18-inch base. Also, it does not need a CH 15/18 Dual Base Anchor. Only 1 st and 3 rd base anchors need a CH 15/18 Dual Base Anchor.

The CH Driver and Anchor System was designed, tested and patented by my father, Clarence H. Potthast, Sr.  I started RMP Sports, Inc. in an attempt to share the products’ benefits, and now have more than 200,000 installations. We have CH Anchors in every state and a handful of installs internationally. The CH Driver and Anchor System has been endorsed by thousands of Park and Recreation Departments, and is considered the “best practice” installation technique of many baseball field designers. As you can see, we have had great success in the past and have a bright future ahead of us.

Robert M. Potthast, President

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