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Bownet Soccer Lite Soccer Ball

Bownet Soccer Lite Soccer Ball


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Learning a new sport should be fun for our kids and nothing will stop the fun faster than getting hurt on the field. In order to take the stink out of soccer for our smallest players Bownet has developed a new product- the Lite Ball. The Lite Ball series offers a quality soccer ball in size 3, 4 and 5 (also Futsal) that is lighter than its official weight counterpart.

The weight difference is not extremely noticeable being less that 30% lighter but is just enough to buld up the confidence of first time payers and get them excited about the sport of soccer.

In today's early development program, the soccer ball is the cheapest and most unsophisticated product the first time player will receive. Generic youth soccer balls today are gauged by circumference, pressure per square inch, and are designed to meet budget and international laws.

The Bownet Lite Ball's composition increases control, touch, and ease of shooting and passing. Constructed from a soft rubber bladder, a layer of 3.50mm soft eva foam, a layer of polyester fabric, and encased in TPU for cushioning comfort and flexibility. The Lite Ball is 21% - 29% lighter than average soccer balls on the market today to guarantee the best change to find joy, inspiration, and fun for players to enjoy a long term love of the game.


    • Size 3 : 260 Grams // 24% lighter than average size 3 soccer balls
    • Size 4: 290 Grams // 21% lighter than average size 4 soccer balls
    • Size 5: 320 Grams // 29% lighter than average size 5 soccer balls
    • Futsal: Official Futsal Size 4
  • FLIGHT - Ball's lightweight composition increases flight for control, touch, and ease of shooting and passing
  • CONTROL - Specifically developed to teach players to square up with the ball for total control
  • CONFIDENCE - Builds player confidence to master the ball and express technique
  • DEVELOP SKILL - Guarantees the best chance to find joy, inspiration, and fun for players to enjoy a long term love of the game
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