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Bownet Lacrosse Crease (Each)

Bownet Lacrosse Crease (Each)


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The BowNet Lacrosse Crease is a one-of-a-kind new product that allow you to have a Lacrosse crease on any surface. Turf, Grass or the gym floor - Instant Lacrosse Crease (Patent Pending)

Available in 3 sizes:

MA26880 Men's Lacrosse Crease 18' Diameter
MA26881 Women's Lacrosse Crease 17' Diameter
MA32075 International Lacrosse Crease 3 Meter Diameter


  • Great for practice - youth tournaments
  • Fit around any make of goal
  • No tools needed and sets up easily Seconds.
  • Comes with free 30" x 1 " round case
  • Good for any age group, youth, high school, club or college
  • Bright Orange for High Visibility
  • Fits in any car
**Goal not included
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