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Blazer 1136 Aluminum College Hurdle

Blazer 1136 Aluminum College Hurdle


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Blazer 1136 Aluminum College Hurdles- The Blazer Aluminum College Hurdle is a high-quality hurdle designed for college level track and field events. Constructed with lightweight aluminum, this hurdle offers both durability and portability. Its sleek design makes it perfect for both training and competition. Experience top performance with the Blazer Aluminum College Hurdle. 


  • 5 Height Adjustments: 30", 33", 36", 39", 42"
  • Spring loaded slide weight adjustments in base
  • Welded one-pieces aluminum base
  • Built-in interlocking guides for easy stacking
  • Shipping Weight: 29lbs.
  • Meets all NCAA Regulations

Orders of 50 or more hurdles will get FREE board printing and 1/2 freight allowance.  Request a discounted quote today!

Many people want to know how many hurdles are in a race. In most hurdle races (100m, 110m and 400m) there are 10 hurdles, there are 8 hurdles in 70m, 75m and 80m hurdles, 7 hurdles in 300m hurdles and 5 hurdles in the 200m races.

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