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Batco Home Plate Batting Cage 12'H X 18'W X 15'L

Batco Home Plate Batting Cage 12'H X 18'W X 15'L


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The BATCO Home Plate Batting Cage is a developed and tested on-the-field system that was designed to assist with coach’s hitting needs, decrease the time spent retrieving balls, and allow for more actual practice time for players!

The BATCO home plate batting cage assembles quickly and easily. It can be set up on any surface and placed anywhere in the outfield or expanded at home plate. It is also easily maneuvered with only four people while set up or while taking down for storage!

Batting Cage Features:

  • Lightweight and can be positioned anywhere on the field.
  • Dimensions when folded up: 12'H x 18'W x 1'D
  • Dimensions when fully assembled: 12'H x 15'W x 15'D
  • Deep enough to contain all foul balls and pop-ups to allow only fair balls to go out on the field.
  • Extremely stable. When braces are locked into place and the tension straps pulled tight, the stability of this batting cage equals or exceeds any similar cage on the market.
  • Frame made from 2-inch steel tubing
  • #42 braided nylon netting that's 1-3/4" (baseball sized) and treated to protect from UV ray deterioration
  • No messy wires, stakes, or carbines to deal with.
  • Designed for use in gyms, field houses, or outdoors
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