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Baseball / Softball Field Cover

Baseball / Softball Field Cover


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FieldSaver® Full Sized Infield Covers. Whether you have artificial turf or real grass, your baseball fields are subject to multiple forms of punishment. Sun-baked droughts. Drenching rains. From heavy equipment to foot traffic from concerts and events, your field has to withstand it all. So you need baseball field protectors to keep you covered. Made from high-strength, long-lasting, reinforced polyethylene fabrics. 2- Year Pro Rated Warranty.

These tarps feature EnduroCoat with provided better abrasion resistance and longer-lasting durability. They also feature Plastic Grip Pull Handles that make them easier to grip and easier on the hands. These are placed at 10'-12' intervals. There are also grommet at 10'-12' intervals.

  • 6 oz.Reinforced Polyethylene
  • silver/white poly fabric

90' x 90' is for a Little League Baseball Field (20' Roller)

120' x 120' is for a Softball field (20' Roller)
160' x 160' is for a baseball field (34' or 40' Roller)
170' x 170' is for a larger baseball field (34' or 40' Roller)

Sizes: As Above

Colors: Silver/White

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