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Amplivox Platinum Travel Partner Pa System

Amplivox Platinum Travel Partner Pa System


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The Amplivox Platinum Travel Partner PA System gives you the power you need in a package you can transport.

  • Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Presentations & Audio
  • 250 Watt Amplifier Fills The Room with Full Rich & Clear Sound
  • Lightweight Design, Luggage Handle & Wheels Make it Easy To Move
  • Integrated Circuitry Saves Battery Power So You Will Be Heard No Matter How Long Your Presentation, Performance or Demonstration.

This all digital Portable PA System has been designed with Portability and Power in mind so your back won't be sore, and your voice will be heard. Combining the latest in speaker and amplifier technology the Digital Audio Travel Partner provides the best sound and the greatest features at the lightest possible weight.


  • Digital Audio Travel Partner® Unit with 250 watt amplifier
  • Second Wireless Speaker
  • Remote Control
  • Covers
  • 2 Mic Stands
  • 2 Wireless Microphones: Your choice of Lapel, Headset, Handheld Mic or Collar Mic
  • AC Power Cord-Set & Cord
  • 2 Professional cardioid dynamic handheld mic (S2030A)
  • (2) SLA 12 volt rechargeable, 7.2 AMP-HR, User accessible and replaceable
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