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Ameri-Stripe Temporary Spray Chalk White

Ameri-Stripe Temporary Spray Chalk White


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Turf fields are springing up everywhere and if you're lucky enough to have one you know you can't go using field paint on them for special designs or emblems. On turf you need to use our temporary spray chalk. Our new Ameri-Stripe aerosol chalk that removes with water or after normal wear or rain. Quickly dries in less than 15 minutes.


  • Available in 20 oz can
  • Sprays on as liquid, dries as a chalk substance
  • Can be removed with water
  • Zero ghosting or staining
  • Contains zero lead or fluorocarbons

Where To Use? From sporting fields to fairgrounds, our paint products leave their mark in a variety of places:

  • Football, soccer and baseball fields
  • Tennis and volleyball courts
  • Golf courses
  • Band practice areas
  • School grounds
  • Grass parking areas
  • Parks and recreation areas
  • Fairgrounds
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