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Ameri-Stripe Ready2Spray Bulk Paint 5 Gallon Pail White

Ameri-Stripe Ready2Spray Bulk Paint 5 Gallon Pail White


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Ameri-Stripe bulk white paint delivers high marks in quality and quantity. Available in 5-gallon containers, its vibrant appearance and lasting durability result in a longer shelf life at a cost that won’t dry up your budget. Ameri-Stripe bulk paint is formulated for striping lines on grass fields, cinder, dirt and other natural playing surfaces. It will not stain clothing or blur with rough use. It is ideal for use on football, soccer, baseball and golf courses.

  • High visibility and vivid line markings under any lighting condition
  • Durable and resilient under even the most severe weather
  • Better coverage, easy to apply and dries quickly
  • Low VOC formula
  • Won't harm grass or stunt its growth

Smart usablility: Our wide selection of Ameri-Stripe aerosol color paints nicely complement our bulk paints offerings.


  • Pre-diluted and ready to spray right out of the pail
  • Use of optical brighteners to enhance the glow of white
  • Bright white
  • Just drill the paint and it is ready to perform
  • Formulated to work great with airless or compressed air-marking machines
  • Water based
  • Easy cleanup
  • Little to no settling
  • Stimulates root growth

Ready2Spray Colors Available (CALL FOR COLORED PAINT PRICE)

  • Specially formulated so no dilution is needed
  • Bright Colors - Sun Yellow, Red, Black, Royal, Fluorescent Orange
  • Colors specially formulated to match Ameri-Stripe aerosol color line


  • Bright white
  • 1:1 Ratio (Up to 1 gal of water to 1 gal paint.)
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