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ALL-STAR LG30PRO Adult S7 16.5" Leg Guards

ALL-STAR LG30PRO Adult S7 16.5" Leg Guards


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The All-Star LG30PRO S7 Leg Guards are super lightweight, breathable and durable which make them perfect for any serious player. The many vents and pads keep the player safe and comfortable when on the field. Measures 16.5" long.


  • Large perforated padding and vented shins to help the players legs breath
  • Adjustable D30 knee pad and ergonomic shin pads to eliminate bruised knees
  • Full wrap around shins and triple knee design covers all gaps to prevent any foul tips or spikes from making direct contact
  • Cleaning made easy by scrubbing down with cold water in a tub and then air drying
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