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ALL-STAR CKW-AFX Small AFX Fastpitch Catching Kit

ALL-STAR CKW-AFX Small AFX Fastpitch Catching Kit


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The All-Star CKW-AFX Fastpitch Catching Kit is great for any elite-level female catcher. The pieces are designed for maximum vision and protection (MVP). The way the kit is constructed, it helps to keep the player safe and comfortable. Size Small.

Color Options: Classic Colors for the base with a graphite trim or White for the base with a classic color trim. Colors are listed as Base Color/Trim Color

Kit Pieces:

  • MVP2510 series Catchers Helmet
  • CPW-AFX Chest Protector
  • LGW-AFX Leg Guards

The MVP2510 Series Catchers Helmet features an I-BAR VISION steel cage which provides better sight lines and increased bar strength. The backplate has retention bridges to keep all straps secure and high impact ABS plastic shell has addition forehead thickness for even more protections. The Helmet even has a breathable 3D mesh padding liner that is removable, easy to wash, and replaceable. 

The CPW-AFX Chest Protector has break points that are specifically designed for women's curves as well as a contoured fit and low-sitting harness that keeps the chest protector in place no matter the movement. The chest protector offers complete protection extending from the collarbone to the top of the hip and features internal moldable plates for even more protection of the upper chest while still having a streamlined shoulder which allows for full range of motion when throwing. The simple harness design allows for easy adjustments and quick transitions between innings. 

The LGW-AFX Leg Guards features the LINQ Hinge system for maximum mobility and prevents the need to adjust after positioning. The repositionable knee and shin pads allow for maximum comfort where it's needed while also providing protection. The moldable plastic throughout the guards helps for a customized it and the shorter strap length limits unnecessary bulk. The wide and smooth knee piece is built for better pivoting and sliding. Pre-stitched crossed straps sit on the upper calf to prevent bunching behind the knee and a thick neoprene top strap provide comfort and stays in place. 

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