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ALL-STAR CKCCPRO4 High School Series Catching Kit

ALL-STAR CKCCPRO4 High School Series Catching Kit


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The All-Star CKCCPRO4 High School Series Catcher's Kit is great for recreational and high school baseball catchers. It's perfect for any player or team who's looking for a durable but cheap option. The Helmet and Chest Protector are SEI certified to the NOCSAE standard.

Kit Pieces:

  • MVP2400 Solid Gloss Helmet
  • CPCC1618S7X Chest Protector
  • LG21WPRO Classic Leg Guards

The MVP2400 Catcher's Helmet is great for youth through high school players. It's built similar to the MVP2500 cage and shell, but it uses a more economical, dual-density foam liner that is not removable. The I-BAR Vision cage helps improve visibility and durability. Fits heads sizes 7 - 7 1/2. 

The CPCC1618S7X chest protector features wedged abs for improved blocking and ball control as well as moldable PE plates in the shoulders and throat for a more comfortable fit. There's also a vented back side of weight reduction and breathability. The chest protector is crafted from stainless steel hardware and a DeltaFlex harness for enhanced fit and comfort. It measures 16" from clavicle to naval. 

The LG21WPRO Leg guards are a classically designed leg guard that are built to the high standards expected from All-Star products, but with a budget in mind. The triple knee design offers maximum protection to the top of the knee and thigh for complete comfort and mobility. Professional grade padding makes the leg guard suitable for all levels of play including professional games. 
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