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Accusplit AE625M35 Eagle 35 Memory Stopwatch

Accusplit AE625M35 Eagle 35 Memory Stopwatch


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The Accusplit Eagle AE625M35 Stopwatch has great features and functions designed to give you professional timing in an affordable manner. The AE625M35 operates on the same Watch Company Operating System (WOS 2.5) used by most watch manufacturers, is manufactured with the highest standards, and uses only the best of the WOS operating features and functions. The Accusplit AE625M35 is designed with a 10-hour repeat countdown timer, a thirty-event memory, and a pacer that allows you to set a pace from five to 240 beats-per-minute.

The AE625M35 stopwatch tracks your fastest and slowest lap time, computes your average split time, and features dual-split (cumulative and lap) timing. The split time is the interval of time measured from the start of the timing to the next pause of time. The lap-split timing displays the clasped time of a given split, while the cumulative (CUM) split time is the capture of elapsed time to current event and consists of all splits beginning to end. The AE625M35 also features the one-button start-split-split system where the first split is first place, the second split is second place, and it shows a one-two fast finish.

This stopwatch comes in black, has a 1.5-year battery life, and has a three-line, multi-function display to keep track of everything easily. The AE625M35 is water resistant up to 10-meters and includes time, date, day of week, and alarm functions, making it a great stopwatch for almost any timing needs.


  • 10-hour timing range stopwatch with dual-split (cumulative and lap) timing
  • Includes 30-event memory, pacer, countdown timer, average-split compute, and fastest/slowest lap
  • Uses Watch Company Operating System (WOS) 2.5
  • 1.5-year battery life and water resistant up to 10 meters
  • Five-year, no-proof-of-purchase warranty
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