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Accubat Infield Trainer & Bag

Accubat Infield Trainer & Bag


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The Accubat can save you hours of time and will help you train a successful team.  With the Accubat anyone can accomplish ball control while training.  Instead of swinging and missing or sending balls in all direction you can make effective use of your practice time.  The accuracy the Accubat offers is immeasurable in the time it saves.  From pop ups to line drives to ground balls with a few minutes of practice you'll be practicing like the pros.

The Accu-Bag is a durable padded nylon storage bag with a handle and carrying strap. Measures 24" L x 12" W x 4" D.  Also features  2 outside pockets for your softballs or baseballs, it has an inside zippered pocket that you may stow your scorebooks, rosters, “The Player Handbook and the Accubat booklet. The inside is large enough to hold an Accubat and 2 gloves, all the things necessary to have a “2 man” practice or a whole team workout.

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