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5 Position Batting Tee

5 Position Batting Tee


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5 Position Batting Tees are great for training players of all ages and skill levels.  The tee can be used as a single position tee by removing one post.  This is perfect for t-ball or younger players as the posts adjust from 20" to 36".  More experienced players can make use of both posts at the same time and practice fence drills and post drills to get that bat angle just right.

The 5 position batting tee is durable too.  Weighing in at just under 20 lbs. and made by using a high quality injection molding system this tee is made to be used.  Tee tubes are steel reinforced to take all the abuse you can dish out.


  • Durable rubberized tee
  • Features 5 positions and 2 tees for a range of practice techniques
  • Simply put the ball on the tee and hit
  • Built in carry handle
  • Steel reinforced tubes
  • Tubes adjust from 20" to 36"
  • Practice single post drills or double post drills
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