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4 Way Tug-Of-War Rope 1" Diameter 25' Sections

4 Way Tug-Of-War Rope 1" Diameter 25' Sections


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This is an easy to grip tug of war rope that lets 24 competitors compete at a time.  The 1" Four Way Tug Of War Ropes are very popular and economical group activity allowing up to 24 students to participate at any time. Encourage isotonic pulling to achieve group goals or let each team fend for themselves.  Each rope features 4 each 20' long team ropes with a 10' square in the center (see picture).  Rope is made of 3-strand twisted material for durability.  Each team section features a hand spliced hand loop at the end.

An activity sheet accompanies each purchase describing all sorts of combinations.

Choose from two types of rope.  Natural manilla or Unmanilla ( also known as polypro ).  Manilla offers the best possible grip and most traditional material.  Unmanilla offers a great grip as well and looks just like manilla with the added benefit of moisture resistance which can offer a longer product life if storing your rope outdoors or in damp areas.

Both material offer a rope tensile strength ( breaking strength ) of an amazing 8100 lbs.
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