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24" x 36" Heavy Duty Mesh Draw String Bags

24" x 36" Heavy Duty Mesh Draw String Bags


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These 24" wide x 36" deep mesh bags are a favorite for keeping gear organized and perfect for thousands of uses.  Their large size makes them perfect for carrying all sorts of equipment.  The small mesh holes will hold in anything from a whistle to catcher's leg guards.  The holes allow air to flow which helps dry out damp gear and keep things fresh.  These bags are in use in physical education classes all over the country and are favorites of coaches every where too.  Throw all your gear in and cinch up the drawstring, it's that simple.  Each bag also has an ID tag sew to the side that allows you to add your name and information to make sure everyone knows the bag belongs to you or your facility.

These bags are available individually in 9 colors or as a rainbow set of 6 colors.

For laundry use we suggest using color white only.
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